JNR Incorporated employee giving back to the Orange County, California community by participating in a charitable event demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Company Overview

Community Outreach

Giving back to our community and improving our world are top priorities for JNR. We understand how important it is to contribute our time and resources, so our employees are regularly participating in company-sponsored community service events. Recent programs and causes that we have participated in include:

  • Orange County Heart Walk
  • Coin Collection & Donations For Hurricane Sandy
  • Socks of Love
  • Foster Souls Charity Event
  • Toys For Tots
  • Canned Food Drives
  • Blood Drives

Our involvement in these events not only produces real contributions to the community, but also instills a sense of pride in our employees. They all unanimously agree that there is no better feeling than knowing that they are making a change and helping their community.

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