JNR Inc. focuses on you and listens to your needs and caters programs to fit the way you want to reach objectives, motivate employees, increase customer loyalty, drive sales and improve your company's bottom line.

About You           

About You

Every event, meeting and travel incentive and marketing program you plan all have one thing in common… your reputation.

We never forget that.

Other companies start by boasting about their accomplishments, accolades and achievements.

We think they have it backwards.
JNR starts with you.

Our philosophy is, no one knows your business and requirements better than you do, so, the first thing we do is listen… What are the budget limitations? The specific dates of deliverables? How can we exceed the expectations of your boss; and your boss’s boss? What is the history of previous projects?

No stone is left unturned, because arming ourselves with knowledge about you and your company increases the likelihood of success down the road.

You are concerned about the unique requirements of your program. No worries.

Each program we create is tailor made to meet your specific needs. Unlike our competitors, you will never be presented with a program that’s off the shelf.

And although we provide you with a full complement of the most current technological aides 24/7, we know that at the height of activity, what you need most is a person. An ally that has your back and focuses on your greatest need…

Someone to make you look good.