Free whitepaper downloads that discuss the incentives and motivation industry. Downloadable content includes research on reward cards, incentive travel, sales incentive, and safety incentive programs.



We understand how critical it is to become fully educated on the value of incentive and reward programs before making the decision to implement a program.

To help you out, we have compiled excellent whitepapers with valuable information that you can explore for free today.

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1. The Scientific and Managerial Support of Incentive Travel

Learn how valuable incentive travel can be for your company. Using real-life travel programs as examples, you will discover the economic benefits of implementing incentives in your organization. After reading this white paper, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of incentive travel
  • Utilize case studies to recognize their importance
  • Justify a concrete explanation for a positive ROI


2. Big Data, Fast HR, and the Versatility of Incentive Travel Programs

Discover the modern practices utilized by Wall Street’s best and brightest to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. We take a look at Big Data, Fast HR, and Social Media, and how these three business concepts work complementarily with incentive travel programs. After reading this white paper, you will:

  • Appreciate the significance of Big Data
  • Understand the emergence of Fast HR
  • Be reminded of the growth and power of Social Media
  • Recognize the importance of Incentive Travel in relation to these concepts


3. Prepaid Cards

Learn about one of the most popular forms of incentive rewards: prepaid cards. We examine data from the Incentive Research Foundation to paint a clear picture of their widespread use and near-universal appeal from both managers and employees. After reading this white paper, you will know:

  • The basics of prepaid cards
  • Why they are so popular amongst employees and managers
  • The reason they mean so much more to employees than cash bonuses


4. The Psychology of Incentive Rewards

Discover the fascinating science behind the psychological response to incentive rewards. Motivating employees not only improves overall company performance, it elevates them to new personal heights and results in greater retention rates. After reading this white paper, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the motivational differences between cash and noncash rewards
  • Understand through real-life case studies how much value employees place on noncash rewards
  • Recognize how noncash rewards fulfill advanced emotional needs


5. Safety Incentive Programs

Discover the many benefits of safety incentive programs. In high-risk industries like construction and manufacturing, employee safety is a vital issue. Rewarding safe practices with noncash incentives is the perfect supplement to governmental safety procedures and practices. After reading this white paper, you will be able to:

  • Identify the multiple variations of safety incentive programs available
  • Learn from the mistakes of flawed reward programs
  • Implement a successful safety incentive program to fit the needs of your organization


6. The Importance of Marketing Communications

Discover the tremendous business value in marketing communications. Reaching your loyal customers by clearly communicating your message and your brand is one of the most effective ways to grow a business, even during a difficult economic climate. After reading this white paper, you will:

  • Understand the significance of integrated marketing communications (IMC)
  • Learn the value in building a brand
  • Recognize the importance of marketing in a recession