The JNR Incorporated team out of Irvine, California allows firms to increase employee productivity, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty and drive revenues through planning, operations, marketing, creative services, sales, debit card services, customer service, web services, travel services and financial services.

Company Overview

Our Team

We've assembled an enthusiastic team of experienced professionals from the hospitality, travel, debit card, entertainment, marketing, and corporate events fields to provide you with the expertise, creativity, and signature service that has been our hallmark of excellence for over 30 years.

Our integrated network of departments includes:

Department Functionality
Planning Program Sourcing, Development, and Contract Negotiation
Creative Services Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Promotional Products
Operations Program Management and Administration
Sales Account Management, Client Interface, and Negotiation
Debit Card Services Card Design, Program Development, Fulfillment, and Customer Service
Web Services Website Design, Online Tracking and Reporting
Travel Services Transportation Management, Airline Ticketing, and Registration Services
Financial Services Budget Management and Billing